Ultrapure Water Systems
ELGA Medica

Compact and reliable products that deliver ultrapure medical-grade pure water for clinical diagnostics.


The MEDICA medical-grade pure water system ensures bacterial control and optimal purity, as well as an uninterrupted workflow. Built-in technology provides predictable, low consumable and running costs with the highest water quality. All MEDICA units have a bypass loop which continues to provide compliant water to the analyser in emergency situations.

Products in the MEDICA range include:

  • The MEDICA 7/15: Supplies a constant flow of high-purity water which is maintained by recirculation through ion exchange resins, ultraviolet and an integral 0.2µm microfilter. It is an ideal choice for use with a single chemistry or immunoassay clinical analyser.
  • The MEDICA-R200: Feeds large automated diagnostic analysers with a guaranteed high output and bacterial specification. This system provides clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW) (formally CLSI Type 1) pure water to multiple clinical analysers across several laboratories, making it highly flexible and reliable.
  • MEDICA® Pro: Supplies clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW) (formally CLSI Type 1) using ultraviolet and microfiltration technologies, together with recirculation and ion exchange. This compact system is ideal to directly feed large or linked multiple analysers. It delivers up to four litres of medical-grade ultrapure water per minute to a bacterial specification <1CFU/ml.


MEDICA Ultrapure Water System Advantages

Our MEDICA medical-grade ultrapure water systems provide some notable advantages.

  • Space saving, compact systems with minimal footprints.
  • Simple project planning and system installation.
  • Easy operation, control and self monitoring software.
  • Guaranteed, reliable performance.
  • Guaranteed bacterial specifications.
  • High pure water output capabilities.
  • Upgradeable and scaleable systems.


Solutions to provide pure water for clinical and diagnostic pathology.