Water as a Service

Only pay for the water you use

Water as a Service (WaaS) is an innovative water subscription service that provides a comprehensive solution for customized water treatment and management. Under the WaaS model, customers pay for the amount of water treated rather than investing in water treatment equipment and infrastructure themselves. This approach offers several benefits and ensures optimum water management.

At Veolia Water Technologies, we will work closely with you to improve your water management while reducing capital expenditure. WaaS offers a convenient and cost-effective way for businesses that need a reliable source of process water for their production processes while reducing costs and promoting sustainable water management.

By opting for WaaS, you gain peace of mind through always having access to high-quality water, coupled with preventive maintenance and the reduction of operating risks, via a monthly or annual subscription that guarantees your financial control. 

You only pay for the amount of water treated and so this pay-as-you-go model allows for better financial flexibility and can be tailored to your specific needs.

What's more, our solutions are flexible and can adapt to your changing needs. WaaS means you can concentrate on your core business, while being assured of a reliable, high-quality water source.

Your challenges are our concern

With WaaS, you can rely on our expertise to provide a reliable, high-quality source of water.

Comprehensive offering 

We provide a complete package of water treatment equipment, systems and associated services.

Quantity and quality guarantees

We guarantee both the quantity and quality of water supplied over an agreed period of time. 

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Optimum water management

We optimize water usage through our digital monitoring system to ensure efficient treatment processes to reduce operational costs.

Flexible pricing model

We bill based on the volume of water treated rather than you making a large upfront investment in water treatment infrastructure.

Expert support and maintenance

Ongoing support and preventive maintenance services covering all water treatment equipment and systems. 

What does the WaaS offer* include?

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Rapid delivery, installation, and commissioning of the chosen water treatment system.

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Local team training for the operation and preventive maintenance of the system.

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Maintenance and repair services, which include consumables and spare parts.

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Disinfection of the equipment if necessary, including the use of chemicals.

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Water quality analysis conducted in our laboratory.

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Comprehensive documentation of water quality and all service activities, as well as system parameters.

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Option to receive regular performance monitoring reports using our Hubgrade digital solutions.

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The compatibility of the WaaS offer with numerous technologies that vary depending on specific customer requirements and industry applications.

*depending on the offer selected


A full range of water purification technologies
Water and distribution systems that produce ultra high-purity laboratory water for use in research and clinical diagnosis
Technologies for optimising boiler feed water and cooling tower feed to minimise chemical usage.
High quality water systems for production, process and manufacturing uses.


A combination of digital tools and Veolia expertise that make all your water processes smarter, safer and more sustainable.
Bundling high performance specialty chemicals, innovative dosing and controlling equipment with related expert support.

Water scarcity and the need for reliable water treatment solutions are major challenges for industries today. Water as a Service offers a comprehensive, hassle-free approach to ensuring access to high-quality water without the burden of capital investment and operational maintenance. With WaaS companies can focus on their core business and leave their water treatment needs in the hands of experienced professionals. It's a cost-effective, flexible and sustainable solution for a crucial resource.


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Feed water that complies with French and European requirements

Veolia had been working with this customer since 2009 to meet its feed water needs using Sirion™ Maxi and a Sirion™ Mega osmosis plant. This equipment was made available via two Water as a Service contracts, enabling the customer to focus on their core business while maintaining a reliable, high-quality water source. The contract included preventive and curative maintenance, replacement of consumables and spare parts and the supply of five mixed beds at the osmosis outlet and two on the loop.

Ultrapure water requirement

The customer needed a complete solution for up to 100 liters of ultrapure water of 18.2 MΩ.cm from pre-purified water. This is provided for the customer as part of a Water as a Service package.

Water treatment for cooling towers

A French yeast production site wanted to meet its new technical and regulatory challenges, while controlling the risk of legionella in its cooling towers. Thanks to Water as a Service, the customer was able to reduce its chemical usage and improve the quality of its waste, to comply with new regulations and generate significant OPEX savings.


What is Water as a Service?

Water as a Service (WaaS) is a comprehensive water subscription service that provides customized water treatment. It includes equipment and associated services that guarantee optimum water quality and quantity for our customers' production processes. With WaaS, customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with continuous access to high-quality water, backed up by our expertise.

How does Water as a Service work?

WaaS operates on a subscription model, in which customers pay a monthly or annual fee for access to a reliable water treatment solution. We provide the necessary equipment, installation, preventive maintenance, repairs and even water quality analysis. Subscription ensures our customers' financial stability, allowing them to concentrate on their core business while we take care of their water needs.

What are the business benefits of Water as a Service?

There are several advantages to a water subscription service, including:

  • Peace of mind: fixed pricing guarantees predictability, including maintenance and spare parts.
  • Flexibility: if your needs change, we can adapt the solution and the contract accordingly.
  • Expertise: our team has in-depth knowledge and experience of water treatment, ensuring reliable, high-quality water for your processes.
  • Convenience: the solution is tailored to your needs and requires no up-front capital outlay.