Blue Gold, inspiring, real-life stories about the Sustainable Development Goals in action

Innovation is our belief, water is our expertise…

We can't tell you all the ways we contribute to 11 of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by only talking about technologies, pipes, etc., because the SDGs are also, and above all, a human journey.

Blue Gold is the story of our employees, our partners and our customers who are working together to preserve water, an increasingly scarce resource, to help eliminate poverty, provide sustainable cities and communities for future generations and fight climate change.

Each story is told from a different point of view, such as a newly hired Canadian engineer and their first mission to decontaminate mine water, to the mobilization of a Spanish-English speaking team to supply drinking water to an entire city after a category five hurricane.

In nine episodes, discover real people working every day to protect our global water resources as they share their efforts and inspirational stories in their own words.

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In this episode - SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communitie

First let’s travel to Kolding, a bustling harbor town in southeast Denmark, where wastewater utility BlueKolding is a true pioneer of a circular economy.
Then, let’s travel to the heart of Malaysia’s finance and business district to visit the Tun Razak Exchange in Kuala Lumpur.
Discover how this ambitious project aims to radically reduce its carbon emissions and landfill waste.

SDG 14: life under water

SDG 13 : climate change

SDG 7: transforming waste into a resource

SDG 9: innovating for the future

SDG 1: acting against poverty

SDG 15: saving soils through remediation

SDG 6: providing clean water and sanitation always

SDG: our commitment to the planet and our customers