Industry trends

The emerging markets, environmental challenges, and groundbreaking applications, shaping the future of the water technologies industry.

Alongside our customers and partners, we tackle today's environmental challenges while creating the water treatment solutions of tomorrow. We are committed to ecological transformation, which means placing ecology at the forefront of everything we do while ensuring continued performance for our customers.

Digital — expanding industry optimization

Whether it’s a need to make faster and better-informed decisions about your water facility,  avoid unplanned shutdowns or achieve a reduction in your carbon footprint, we recognize you face daily challenges. Remote water monitoring systems enable you to connect your equipment and optimize your entire water cycle, making water processes smarter, safer and more sustainable. 

Discover how our Hubgrade digital solutions can deliver operational and environmental efficiency for you.

Hydrogen — growing sub-market

Green hydrogen production can drive the global economy from its current fossil fuel-dependent structure to the renewable energy-driven, net zero approach of the future. As a result, the electrolyzer market — the devices that enable the production of hydrogen using a chemical process that separates water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules — is gaining serious momentum. 

Are you working in either the green or blue hydrogen industry? If so, discover our water treatment technologies for hydrogen production.

Lithium — increasing global demand

Lithium batteries power everything from vehicles to consumer, medical and industrial electronics. As a result, global demand for Li-ion batteries will continue to soar, with a predicted increase from 700 GWh in 2022 to around 4.7 TWh by 2030. Are you a lithium producer or recycler? If so, we can help you meet both the technical challenges associated with the rising demand for efficient lithium processing as well as the need to recycle high-purity lithium and battery material salts for advanced electric battery manufacturing and battery recycling.

Discover our lithium process capabilities

PFAS and micropollutants — area of concern 

Emerging pollutants such as pharmaceutical residues, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and microplastics are understandably generating public concern owing to health and environmental issues such as bioaccumulation. Do you want to better manage and treat these substances and comply with stricken environmental regulations? Contact us, we address emerging pollutants by developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies and treatment processes to reduce water pollution and micropollution contamination.

Discover how we treat micropollutants for both industrial and municipal markets

Water reuse — in-demand application 

Wastewater is continuously growing in volume due to the increase in domestic and industrial water consumption. The high cost of water transportation, as well as new environmental issues such as increasing water scarcity, make the topic of water reuse and wastewater recycling increasingly important. As a result, reusing water is now an important issue for all sectors and all regions. 

Do you want to preserve water resources, optimize your consumption and reduce your costs? Discover our solutions that enable the use of treated wastewater for beneficial purposes.