Wave magazine #24 is focused on pharmaceutical, science and healthcare innovation

Wave Magazine #24 is aligned with the inauguration of the Life Science Centre of Excellence in Ireland. It features 11 articles addressing the needs, challenges and aspirations of these key markets.

It also includes a deep dive into the Centre of Excellence and how this will enable our engineers to exceed industry standards to become leaders, driving excellence and helping our customers push ecological boundaries.

Wave magazine #23 focuses on decarbonizing, depolluting and saving and regenerating resources.

Wave magazine #23 features 8 articles from Veolia's water technology experts, highlighting our technologies that deliver both performance and sustainability without compromise.

Discover solutions that create clean energy and adapt to climate change through decarbonization. Learn more about how we foster healthy communities, ecosystems and economies by providing solutions that depolute. And finally, read about how we are creating sustainable opportunities by saving and regenerating resources.

Pollution/Solution: Five key trends highlighting the urgency to tackle pollution

Our report explores the five key megatrends that are impacting the climate change movement.

Key trend #1: multitude of micropollutants
Key trend #2: rise of forever chemicals
Key trend #3: public concern over environmental issues
Key trend #4: human health consequences
Key trend #5: increasing environmental regulations

This report serves as a resource for stakeholders seeking to understand and contribute to the global efforts to combat pollution and create a more sustainable future.

CO₂ : Five key trends highlighting the urgency to fight climate change

Our report explores the five key megatrends that are impacting the climate change movement.

Key trend #1: Extreme weather events
Key trend #2: Mitigating the impact of climate change
Key trend #3: Adapting to climate change
Key trend #4: Financial instruments supporting sustainability
Key trend #5: Reaching net zero

Intending to open communication channels between our stakeholders to share ideas and challenge the status quo in our fight against climate change.
Sustainable development goals report cover

Our commitment: Sustainable Development Goals report

We have established our contribution to the international community’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our team designs and delivers drinking and wastewater treatment plants as well as developing water treatment equipment for industrial and municipal customers. Owing to this, we are providing access to water for more and more people, while helping to preserve this precious resource for future generations.

Here, we share concrete examples of how we help our customers make a difference.

Wave magazine #22 focuses on desalination and water reuse, tackling water scarcity with the help of innovation.

Wave magazine #22 features 10 desalination-focused articles, including an exclusive forward from Adrien de Saint Germain, Chief Executive Officer of SIDEM - our subsidiary specializing in smart desalination.

Discover how the Barrel™ has transformed from a game-changing desalination technology to also facilitating reuse to help bridge the gap posed by water scarcity. Also, read how machine learning is being optimized in the maintenance of reverse osmosis membranes to help ensure uptime.

Wave magazine #21 focuses on the pharmaceutical industry and was produced to coincide with Achema 2022.

Wave magazine #21 features 18 pharma-focused articles, including exclusive interviews with Luca Danesi, Chief Sales Officer, Pharma Division - Europe, who shares his thoughts on the major trends shaping pharma; and Cristina Del Piccolo, Process and Research and Development Manager, who discusses the topic of recycling polluted industrial wastewater. Micropollutant treatment is another hot topic explored in this issue.
Wave #20

Wave magazine #20 focuses on the food and beverage, municipal, pharmaceutical, and general industry markets. It was produced to coincide with IFAT 2022.

Wave magazine #20 features 17 articles focused on the food and beverage, municipal, pharmaceutical, and general industry markets.

In exclusive interviews, discover how a 10th-Century BCE discovery is helping to fight climate change today in an interview with Christian Kuijlaars, Global Sales Manager - Biothane. Hear from our customer Danone on how a water project in Brazil is helping their net zero goals, and Mizo Inc. explains how they are prioritizing environmental safety.

Wave magazine #19 focuses on the importance of water reuse as it is too precious to only be used once.

Wave magazine #19 features 16 articles spanning the municipal, food and beverage, pulp and paper, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

It showcases our customers, such as our partnership with TRX City Sdn Bhd for the prestigious Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) project in Malaysia; a wastewater reuse project with the municipality of Cagnes-sur-Mer; and finally, a Guinness World Records holder - Bahr El-Baqar wastewater treatment plant - for the world’s largest disc filter installation.