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Blue Gold, our podcast series dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals.
It’s important for municipalities to be protected against the risk of storm water pollution. We guarantee the quality of effluents, even during heavy rainfall.
Absolute water purity and quality are essential for experimental and test validity. Find out more about our laboratory water purification systems.
Do you know what Biosep/Neosep is used for? Our technology is an aerobic biological treatment process used to treat municipal and industrial effluents.
The use of drinking water as an ingredient requires compliance with strict criteria for food safety. Learn more about Nurion, a standardized range of plug & play osmosis units.
Do you want to learn more about the Hubgrade user interface? Find out how it provides a practical, sustainable and efficient path towards smarter water management.
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30 May - 03 June 2022
Munich, Germany
World’s leading international trade fair IFAT is the international platform for environmental technologies