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Creating a city free from fossil fuels, it is possible for Borås! Lear more about how we work together with the City of Boras to convert the energy of the city’s waste streams into renewable valuables.
Did you know that crystallisation helps the fertilizer industry diversify its product mix, improve profitability and enhance sustainability?
How we teamed up with the American company TerreTherm to treat soil contamination from the Vietnam war? Discover what is the process called remediation.
Throughout history, technology has played a pivotal role in human development but what does it hold for the future of water? Read our experts’ insights.
We will continue to contribute to all SDGs wherever water is concerned and we "believe that innovation advances water sustainability and improves resilience".
21 July, 2021
This webinar will walk you through the first installation of ACTIFLO in the United States.
How to improve gender diversity at work ?