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In nine episodes, discover real people working every day to protect our global water resources as they share their efforts and inspirational stories in their own words.
Responding to the diverse water treatment needs of municipalities around the world, with market-leading technologies and processes, is our priority.
We can help you increase the productivity of your plant and meet tightening environmental standards, thanks to high-quality water treatment solutions specifically for the power industry.
Need a reverse osmosis system that produces high purity ingredient water? Choose Nurion, an efficient solution for the food and beverage industry.
Our specialist on technical development across industrial applications shares news of a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis technology that offers a 98 percent water recovery rate.
With Hubgrade Performance Smart Membranes module, we combined our extensive process knowledge and artificial intelligence to normalize and predict the evolution of strategic operational parameters.
Conference & Expo
30 May - 03 June 2022
Munich, Germany
World’s leading international trade fair IFAT is the international platform for environmental technologies