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Blue Gold, our podcast series dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals.
Find out how providing access to water helps reduce inequalities and poverty around the globe, and especially in a remote area of Sri Lanka .
Do you want to discover sustainable water management solutions for pharmaceutical companies and the cosmetic industry?
Do you know what MBBR mean? Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor. This technology is based on the biofilm principle and is used for biological wastewater treatment.
Do you know anaerobic digestion? It allows you to capture biomethane from wastewater sludge, which is then turned into energy, or implementing green infrastructures to control energy consumption.
Looking for a packaged solution with high rate performances of 90% Phosphorus reduction and 95% of suspended solids? Discover Nutri-Pack solution!
Watch our webinar: Wastewater reuse, desalination, digitalization.