EVALED® PC R-Series Evaporators

Heat pump evaporator with natural circulation and heat exchanger with scraped heating surfaces.




The R series evaporators have a heating system based on a heat pump and operate under vacuum at 5kPa and around 30°C(86°F).

Heat exchange occurs within a conical jacket, and the boiling chamber inside part is cleaned by internal scrapers that continuously stir concentrate. This configuration is designed to produce a concentrate with a high final concentration and a distillate with low conductivity.

The R series production capacity varies from 150 to 2,000 liters per day and has several different systems for discharging concentrate.

As for every EVALED® product, evaporation process is controlled by a PLC that controls wastewater to be treated automatic feed and distillate and concentrate discharge, requiring only minimum supervision by the operator.

The R series is available in a variety of different alloys, depending on the feed nature. This is particularly important when treating aggressive waste.

The R series evaporators are particularly suitable when:

  • wastewater has a high initial content of dissolved or suspended substances
  • wastewater has already been pre-concentrated
  • daily volumes are relatively small
  • distillate has to be of the highest quality
  • *concentrate has to be recycled.

The R series is often supplied to the following markets:

  • painting
  • coating
  • inks

The R series is the best solution for:

  • Landfills and waste disposal
  • Graphic arts
  • Chemical industry
  • Galvanic industry

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