EVALED® AC R-Series Evaporators

Hot water/steam evaporator with natural circulation and heat exchanger with scraped heating surfaces.

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The AC R series evaporators have a heating system based on hot water or steam and operate under vacuum at 5 kPa and around 40°C (104°F). The client usually supplies the necessary power and mains water for heating the feed and cooling the distillate.

The output streams are: a distillate that can be recycled as water and a solid or semi-solid concentrate with a TDS content > 90%.

The AC R series evaporators are designed to work both continuously and per batch, by using a pump to discharge concentrate or by stopping the process and emptying boiling chamber.

The AC R series production capacity varies from 3,000 to 12,000 liters per day. By using an optional intermediate heat exchanger, the AC R series can operate using steam as the heat source. As in every EVALED® product, evaporation process is controlled by a PLC, that controls the automatic feeding of wastewater to be treated and distillate and concentrate discharge, requiring only minimum supervision by the operator.


The AC R series is particularly suitable when:

  • it is necessary to minimize the concentrate (to send to disposal)
  • wastewater has a very high initial content of dissolved or suspended substances
  • wastewater has already been pre-concentrated
  • daily volumes are relatively small
  • it is necessary to recycle high quality concentrate.


The AC R series evaporators are particularly suitable for:

Concentrate from EVALED® AC R-series evaporator
  • Landfills & waste disposal
  • Glavanic industry
  • Food & Beverage industry
  • Mechanical, steel & automotive industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Printing
  • Energy

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