Biobed® EBS (EGSB)

High-rate anaerobic wastewater treatment system with external biomass separation.
Biothane Biobed EBS (EGSB) system

Biobed® EBS is the next generation of high-rate anaerobic wastewater treatment to control the risk of scaling and precipitation.


By developing the Biobed External Biomass Separator (EBS) the Biothane team from Veolia Water Technologies have achieved a breakthrough for industrial wastewater treatment. The innovative process separates anaerobic effluent from the anaerobic biomass outside of the reactor, allowing for greater efficiency and higher water quality at maximum availability. It is the perfect solution for wastewaters with high scaling and precipitation potential and ideal for industries in need of a robust effluent treatment for regulatory compliance.

Anaerobic wastewater treatment technologies have achieved to use less water, this results in a wastewater with higher concentrations of organic and inorganic matter. At anaerobic conditions inorganic salts can precipitate, thus causing scaling and blockage of anaerobic reactors. Biobed® EBS is designed to treat wastewater with a high risk for precipitation (e.g. CaCO3 and similar types of precipitants).

Biobed EBS allows for maintenance during operations. If precipitation and calcification occur the externally installed settler units can easily be isolated for the Cleaning in Place (CIP) procedure. This reduces downtime and maximises operational availability

Compared to aerobic treatment, anaerobic treatment reduces sludge by more than a factor 10. Biogas is produced and can be used as an energy source. This results in very low operational costs.

Benefits of the Biobed EBS anaerobic system with external biomass separation

  • No down time - maintenance during operation
  • CIP: Chemical Cleaning in Place 
  • Operator friendly design & low operational costs
  • High efficiency & robust performance
  • Compact solution with a small footprint
  • Low investment costs
  • No odor & no corrosion risks
  • Quick installation of pre-fabricated plug and play EBS modules
  • Capacity can be easily expanded to cope with future needs thanks to modular design


Revamp and improve your old anaerobic process with Biobed EBS

  • Compatible  with  any anaerobic reactor: Easy upgrade saves CAPEX whilst achieving increased capacity and performance
  • Eliminates the risk of internal reactor blockage (risers or downcomers) or calcification of internals
Process of anaerobic wastewater treatment using Biobed EBS module for external biomass separation


BIOBED® EBS for high rate anaerobic wastewater treatment is particularly suitable for these markets:


Technologies for safe, environmentally compliant wastewater treatment systems and sewage treatment plant operations.


Local services are provided, and each of our processes can be linked to our digital services platform, Hubgrade. Our experts monitor the performance of process plants, while local support provides technical assistance.

  • Digital services (Hubgrade)
  • Remote support
  • Process quality control
  • Nutrient supply
  • Biomass management
A combination of digital tools and Veolia expertise that make all your water processes smarter, safer and more sustainable.