Plant-based coagulants for wastewater treatment

These organic Hydrex 6000 Series products are a greener technology allowing to decrease the use of conventional chemicals for the same treatment performance as well as to reduce sludge production and operating costs.
Improve environmental impact while saving money


Hydrex organic coagulants are made from a renewable source of tree bark. Among other benefits they are a more efficient and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional metal-based polymers commonly used in industrial wastewater treatment and  particularly good fit for oily effluents, such as food and beverage and oil and gas



Coagulation is commonly used, in combination with flocculation, in effluent treatment to remove suspended solids and insoluble contaminants in an effective manner.
If metal-based coagulants (such as  Polyaluminum chloride (PAC) or Ferric chloride) are the substances traditionally used, they have the disadvantage of being impactful on water treated pH and they are causing high production wastewater sludge volumes. In addition their use is increasingly restricted by regulations.  

Specially formulated to counter these drawbacks, the Hydrex 67991 and  6861 plant-based coagulants  are the easy, green  and cost saving choice for customers willing to replace their inorganic chemicals. 

Chemicals for clarification , Wastewater treatment



Up to 50% less sludge production with cheaper and greener sludge disposal
Hydrex plant-based coagulants produce  up to 50% less sludge than metal-based coagulants, reducing the costs and carbon footprint of disposal. Organic and biodegradable, they allow for more sustainable and less costly disposal options like composting or land application (depending local regulatory constraints). 


Savings on Total cost of operation 
Plant-based coagulants don’t decrease pH like metal-based coagulants, meaning that no or less caustic soda is needed for pH correction before flocculation. Polymer dosing is also reduced in  flocculation. It means the operating costs associated with these products are also reduced.  


Performance improvement
Free from metal salts, Hydrex plant-based coagulants are not corrosive for the metallic parts of the plant . They remove suspended solids and COD more efficiently while the produced sludge composition is better for recovery and  biogas production. 

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Chemical consumptions reduction
Chemical dosage is reduced by 3 to 5 times compared to inorganic chemicals for the same treatment results. This means even greater cost savings and efficiency. 

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Improved Health & Safety 
Non  toxic, safer handling for operators  

Discover how we help reduce sludge production and chemicals dosing 



Hydrex™ organic coagulants are suitable for any type of industry, especially those that generate effluents with high oil and fat content:



Case study


A large refining site in Europe producing 11millions T/y of crude oil, was experiencing bad performance of their wastewater treatment (250m3/h). 
Hydrex solutions included a switch from traditional metal-based coagulants (130 T/y of FeCl3)  to plant-based coagulants Hydrex 6799.

Oil and gas Case study

The numbers speak for themselves in terms of customer benefits : 

Chemicals consumption - hydrex graphic
Sludge production - hydrex graphic
Cost - hydrex graphic
Improvements reached thanks to Hydrex expertise



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