Oxidation Ditch Technologies

Kruger, subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies, is a leading supplier of Oxidation Ditch technologies and offers some of the most advanced treatment processes on the market today.


Kruger's activated sludge processes can be adapted to a wide range of treatment requirements from basic secondary treatment to advanced nutrient removal. In addition, Kruger has the capability to upgrade or retrofit existing systems.

We offer the following biological wastewater treatment systems:


Double Ditch/Triple Ditch

The D-Ditch and T-Ditch technologies consistently produce a fully nitrified effluent, low in BOD and suspended solids, without the use of clarifiers; in addition, the T-Ditch is capable of denitrification.



The BioDenitro and BioDenipho processes provide a flexible means for advanced nutrient removal without the need for separate anoxic tankage or internal recycle pumps. The BioDenipho process also incorporates a state of the art Block and Hong anaerobic selector for biological phosphorus removal.


A/O®, A2/O, An/O

Kruger also offers other advanced treatment processes, such as Anaerobic/Oxic (A/O®), Anaerobic/Anoxic/Oxic (A2/O), and Anoxic/Oxic (An/O) that can be adapted to both oxidation ditch and conventional activated sludge plants.



  • Simple Automatic Operation
  • Separation of Mixing and Aeration
  • Automatic DO Control
  • Easy to Upgrade and Expand
  • Resistant to Shock Loads
  • Rapid Fluctuations in Raw Water Conditions
  • Operational Flexibility
  • Minimized Chemical Use
  • Stable Operation
  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • High Quality Effluent
  • Optional Real Time BNR Control


A Phased Isolation Ditch system is a continuous flow activated sludge process in which the main treatment phases of the process are isolated into separate oxidation ditches.

The process conditions within the oxidation ditches will alternate or phase between oxic, anoxic and/or settling.

Phased Isolation Ditch can be designed to operate with or without external clarifiers. These processes include the Double Ditch (D-Ditch), Triple Ditch (T-Ditch), BioDenitro and BioDenipho.