Hydrotech Nutri-Pack

a plug-and-play solution based on Hydrotech™ filters to enhance nutrient and total suspended solids (TSS) reduction in industrial wastewater.

The Hydrotech Nutri-Pack enhances micro screen technology by improving performance and reducing operating costs.


Nutri-Pack™, used together with Hydrotech™ Disc filters or Hydrotech™ Drum filters, is a chemical/physical separation process. This product range is based on the proven chemical pretreatment process design implemented by Veolia Water Technologies at over 50 sites around the world. The Nutri-Pack package plant integrates more than 20 years of design, commissioning and operational experience and capitalizes on continuous innovation to meet customer needs and reach outstanding performance.  

The Nutri-Pack range is available in flows of:

  • up to 25 m³/h
  • up to 60 m³/h
  • up to 120 m³/h

Features and benefits : 

  • High treatment efficiency: total phosphorus (P) reduction ≤ 90 %, total suspended solids (TSS) reduction ≤ 95 %.
  • OPEX reduction from chemical and maintenance savings due to smart control.
  • Extremely quick delivery and start-up time: factory acceptance tests (FAT) should find any issues and faults before the product arrives at site.
  • CAPEX reduction thanks to no civil works required. 
  • Process stability: the proprietary control system coupled with advanced instrumentation offers unprecedented robustness.
  • Fully standardized design: complete documentation readily available.
  • Numerous standard options and alternatives to enhance performances and monitoring.


  • Extra monitoring.
  • Control panel alternatives.
  • Process optimizations.


  • Industrial makeup water: surface and groundwater treatment, pretreatment to membrane and ion exchange systems.
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment: primary/secondary/tertiary treatment and trickling filter effluents.



  • Extensive FAT
  • Start-up and commissioning at site

Consumables & Spare Parts