Biobulk CSTR

It is the anaerobic equivalent to the conventional activated sludge digestion system.

The Biobulk CSTR technology (Completely Stirred Tank Reactor) is a robust and proven process which treats industrial effluents with significantly high amounts of suspended solids.


Blended solid or liquid waste streams enter the reactor and are treated by anaerobic suspended bacteria. The majority of the soluble or solid COD is converted into biogas, significantly reducing the solids concentration in the waste stream. After a retention time of several days, the treated waste stream leaves the reactor. The Biobulk can be operated as a once-through system. Alternatively, biomass can be returned after a clarification stage. The key to the Biobulk design is the manner in which the reactor vessel is mixed and the design of the degassing stage prior to clarification.



Produced biogas is temporarily collected in the headspace of the Biobulk CSTR which acts as a biogas holder. Biogas can be used as a source of renewable energy or burned in a biogas flare.


Technology Features

  • Tolerance for high concentrations of TSS, fats, oil & grease (FOG's)
  • Medium volumetric loading capacity (2-5 kg COD/m3/day)
  • Energy source from biogas production
  • Economical operation
  • Proven reliability