Removes waste, produces heat and recovers ashes

Pyrofluid™ is a thermal treatment solution allowing for sewage sludge removal.



 It implements a fluidized-bed incinerator. The flue gas operates at 850°C within a matter of seconds ensuring full combustion of the sludge.

Pyrofluid™ allows:

  • Urban and industrial sludge removal within plants of variable capacities;
  • Heat production;
  • Recoverable ashes production;
  • Compliance with the strictest standards



  • Sludge removal (pathogen risk);
  • Energy recovery:
    • Fuel input reduction
    • Heat production
  • Mineral matter recovery;
  • Odors removal;
  • Maintenance cost controlled and schedulable;
  • Long-term reliability: excellent resistance to high temperature, erosion and corrosion (no moving parts in the hot zones);
  • Easy operation (automated);
  • 24/7 operation for maximum efficiency.



  • Rosny-sur-Seine, Mantes la Jolie, France (2012) - 1.2 t DS/hr*
  • Warsaw, Poland (2012) - 5 t DS/hr
  • Dammarie les Lys, France (2011) - 0.875 t DS/hr
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia (2006) - 8 t DS/hr
  • Armoricaine Society of Energy Recovery**: Viltré city slaughterhouse, France (2002) - 1.5 t DS/hr
  • Lundtofte, Denmark (2001) - 0.4 t DS/hr
  • Colombes, France (1998) - 8 t DS/hr
  • Rouen Petit-Quevilly, France (1997) - 3 t DS/hr
  • Coleshill, United Kingdom (1996) - 5 t DS/hr
  • Lyon Saint-Fons, France (1995) - 3.6 t DS/hr
  • Seine-Aval, France (1995)
  • Petkim**: petrochemical complex, Turkey (1994) - 4 t DS/hr
  • Zaragoza, Spain (1992) - 4.6 t DS/hr


* t DS/hr: ton of dried solid/hour

** Industrial sludge


The sludge incineration flue gas is used for air heating combustion and to produce heat as warm water or steam.

Depending on physical-chemical characteristics, produced ashes by the Pyrofluid™ incinerator can be:

  • Recycled for use within road construction (such as substratum road);
  • Incorporated in special concrete (for example, auto performance concrete);
  • Discharged to a landfill.


The treatment applied to the flue gas of the Pyrofluid™ incinerator integrates dust extraction and acid gas removal using a dry or wet method. It complies with the most rigorous European regulations on sludge incineration. The flue gas sewage residuals (REFIB) are disposed of in landfill centers (approximately 1% of the incinerated sludge tonnage).