The Ionpro™ is an integrated, compact, user-friendly water purification system that combines the performance of reverse osmosis (RO) with continuous electrodeionization (EDI) to produce high-purity water with low bacteria levels. The technology is ideal for use across cosmetics, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, central laboratory (analytical grade II water) and general manufacturing applications.
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Ionpro™ systems produce high-purity water with low bacteria levels.


Ionpro integrated water purification system is pre-engineered and housed in a single compact portable cabinet. The system is capable of producing between 570 to 1,000 l/h of high-purity water. Its plug-and-play design means it can be connected on site directly to the main tap water supply in order to produce high-purity bacteria-free water. The produced water exits the system at approximately two bar pressure and can then feed a distribution loop or a process tank.

How Ionpro works

The feedwater is first filtered and softened to eliminate particles and hardness and to reduce organic level. Next, the filtered stream flows parallel to the reverse osmosis membrane surface.

The EDI module then uses ion exchange resins to purify RO water by capturing dissolved ions. Electric potential drives captured cations through the cation membranes and captured anion through the anion membranes.

  • Cation permeable membranes transport cations out of the diluting compartment, but prevent anions from leaving the concentrate compartment.
  • Anion-permeable membranes transport anions out of the diluting compartment, but prevent cations from leaving the concentrate compartment.

Finally, the waste stream removes concentrated ions from the system and produced water leaves the system.

The membranes, EDI module and piping are sanitized with our water treatment chemical, Hydrex 4203

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Features and benefits

Standardized single-skid design, short lead times and quick start-up.


Supplied with full Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).


HMI: intuitive and simple to use, process information, performance calculations, warnings and alarms displayed on the screen.

High quality and reliability products


Feed pump Variable Frequency Drive: energy saving

EDI from Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions with CE certificates

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Compact and movable

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No dead legs through the unit (3D rule)


High quality water systems for production, process and manufacturing uses.
A full range of water purification technologies
Water and distribution systems that produce ultra high-purity laboratory water for use in research and clinical diagnosis


  • Spare parts and consumables
A combination of digital tools and Veolia expertise that make all your water processes smarter, safer and more sustainable.
Bundling high performance specialty chemicals, innovative dosing and controlling equipment with related expert support.

Resources & Product range

Ionpro includes a range of three models to best meet your needs regarding flow rate and feed water conductivity:

  • 570 l/hr
  • 750 l/hr
  • 1000 l/hr



New IonPro generation provides one advanced control system for multiple process technologies (softening, reverse osmosis, CO2 removal with membrane degasser or alkaline pH regulation, continuous electrodeIonisation, ultra violet as post-treatment) in a single packaged product. The RO40 controller in conjunction with new user-friendly HMI enables the equipment to communicate via Hubgrade for data monitoring. Using low energy VRO membranes, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and IE3 HP pump motor respect the green sustainability concept of energy and water consumption while maintaining the purified water output in line with current Pharmacopoeia

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Rafael Romero

Technical Manager - Veolia Water Technologies Spain

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FAQ about Ionpro

What is continuous electrodeionization (EDI)?

Continuous electrodeionization is an effective chemical-free, self-regenerating process for polishing reverse osmosis (RO) permeate. Ion exchange resins, membranes and electricity are all used to power and operate the process. Electrical current is applied to the permeate water as it enters the EDI system. Some of the permeate flows into the dilution chamber, where the majority of the cations and anions are eliminated to produce high-quality, bacteria-free water.

What is the main advantage of combining the RO and EDI processes?

The combination of the RO and EDI processes enables continuous production of high-purity, bacteria-free water, which offers the advantage of eliminating the fluctuations in quality sometimes observed with traditional water purification technologies. This is one of the reasons why manufacturers of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food products most often use this water purification method in their installations.

Does the Ionpro process meet typical pharmaceutical industry requirements?

The production of highly purified water to international pharmaceutical standards is widely recognized as a critical process. Water is the most commonly used liquid in the pharmaceutical industry, not only as an ingredient in many formulations, but also as a cleaning agent. We have unparalleled experience in delivering complete solutions that meet and exceed these standards through compliance with:

  • Latest U.S., Japanese and European pharmacopeia standards.
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirements.
  • Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) validation control systems.
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements.
  • International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology.
  • International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) Engineering Guide.
  • Conformité Européenne (CE) marking.
  • Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) environmental requirements.

Case Studies

Orbis - United Kingdom - Pharmaceutical:
IonPro™ allows production expansion at Orbis in United Kingdom

A third Ionpro unit has been supplied to Orbis, a major UK pharmaceutical manufacturer, to meet the growing demand for purified water required to expand its production.

Fisherman’s Friend - United States - Food:
Providing a reliable, FDA-compliant water system for the Fisherman's Friend manufacturing site

Lofthouse of Fleetwood, which manufactures Fisherman's Friend menthol lozenges, has once again turned to Veolia Water Technologies for purified water supply at their new production plant in order to meet the expansion needs of new “zip” packaging for the overseas market.