Idrascreen™ is Veolia's patented range of high-capacity self-cleaning screen filters designed for flow rates ranging from 10 to 1,900 cubic meters per hour (m3/h) and consists of two series, namely the ECO series and the GF series. It has been designed to solve the problems of wastewater pretreatment and solids separation in many industrial and municipal applications. Introduced to the market in 1973, Idrascreen is more efficient than traditional methods such as cylindrical separators cleaned by mechanical or spray system, vibrating sieves, static screen and various other devices. These compact fine screening units are capable of working for long periods with no assistance and little or no maintenance while offering high capacity.

High capacity compact screening units for wastewater pretreatment and solids separation.


Separating solids from process and drainage water has long been a challenging issue across many industrial sectors and for wastewater treatment plants. Thanks to their unique design featuring a cylinder and a doctor blade at the core of the system, Idrascreen units effectively treat the inlet water, leaving only the solids on the external surface of the cylindrical screen.

Furthermore, Idrascreen units are equipped with an inner low/medium pressure washing system consisting of nozzles that provide periodical cleaning. This feature prevents clogging issues and significantly reduces the need for cleaning maintenance, leading to cost savings.

How Idrascreen works

The effluent to be screened is introduced into the headbox, which is purposefully designed to slow down the flow rate and ensure even distribution. From there, the effluent overflows a sealed weir and enters the rotating cylindrical screen.

As the effluent passes through the screen, solids are retained on its external surface and subsequently removed by the doctor blade. Following this, the screen effluent provides a backwashing process while passing through the cylinder. This backwashing action effectively cleans the screen openings, ensuring the section of the screen cylinder to be fed remains clean at all times. Furthermore, the backwash process helps prevent the formation of mucilage inside the cylindrical screen.

The Idrascreen system was manufactured using a straightforward process and is entirely made of austenitic stainless steel 304 and 316L, ensuring excellent resistance to corrosion.

Additionally, the Idrascreen can be equipped with a special movable blade scraper and customized for specific installations, allowing it to be directly installed on the channel for enhanced efficiency and convenience.

Features and benefits

Small footprint

Efficient dry product separation


Long life with little or no maintenance

Low installation and operating costs

Low power consumption


Technologies, services and process expertise to meet environmental requirements, remove contaminants and transform wastewater into a resource.
Optimized management of effluents and wastewater.
High quality water systems for production, process and manufacturing uses.


Local after-services and support teams offer preventative and corrective maintenance programs to ensure the long-term, efficient operation of installed equipment.

Providing best-in-class water treatment services tailored to your exact needs to optimize the operational performance of your facility.

Product range

The Idrascreen is designed for flow rates ranging from 10 to 1,900 m3/h and consists of two series, namely the ECO series and the GF series. 

  • Idrascreen™ ECO series offers the largest filtration capacity
  • Idrascreen™ GF series is the most compact range to meet size and space constraints

The selection of the model will depend on the flow rates and the characteristics of the fluid to be treated as well as the type of suspended matter.


Idrascreen was designed to solve the problems that traditional separation methods were not able to. It is a very simple product, but at the same time innovative, robust, easy to use and extremely reliable.

Giovanni Silvestri

International Sales Director - Veolia Water Technologies Italy

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FAQ about  Idrascreen™

What is water screening?

Screening is a wastewater pretreatment and solids separation technique to keep out impurities and particles contained in the wastewater from entering the water treatment system, which would make it less effective. Water screening is classified in three main categories: fine screening, medium screening and coarse screening. The solids get trapped by inclined screens or bar racks but in the case of Idrascreen  it is a rotating cylindrical screen which makes it more effective.

What is the difference between screening and filtration in water treatment?

Water screening is the very first phase in the wastewater treatment process in order to remove large organic matter while filtration is the second phase that contributes to further removing any remaining impurities. These two phases are complementary and needed to achieve effective water treatment.

What category of water screening does Idrascreen belong to?

The Idrascreen is a fine screening unit dedicated to wastewater pretreatment and solids separation in many industrial or municipal applications.

Case Studies

South East Asia
South East Asia - Brewery

A leading producer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in South East Asia, uses Idrascreen to treat  the wastewater coming from its beer production process which needs to be screened to separate larger particles such as spent grains, paper labels and plastics before it goes for aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment with a second Veolia technology, Biothane®.