Chemical services for wastewater treatment

Specific services for optimal performance of wastewater treatment chemicals and plant operation
Chemical services for wastewater treatment hydrex

Chemical conditioning is a key element of the wastewater and sludge treatment of any industrial or municipal site. Strong expertise is needed to reach the highest chemical efficiency and ensure compliance with wastewater discharge standards at the best total cost of operation. 




360-degree approach to wastewater treatment chemical services

Risk assessment and auditing

As water treatment experts, our chemical solutions team starts with an appropriate site  review to assess your existing challenges and conducts a technical study of your wastewater plant.

Risk assessment and auditing hydrex

Analyzing and lab-testing

To design the best-suited chemical solutions (product selection, dosage, targeted results), our service team relies on a full capacity of routine or tailored analysis, sampling and laboratory testing (jar-tests),  ISO certified and compliant with all applicable standards.
Other laboratory solutions can also be provided such as flow and load surveys, benchmarking, bacteria microscopy and health checks. 

onsite support for chemical treatment 2

On-site support 

After implementation, Hydrex field service teams stay at the your side for :

  • Performance follow-up (key performance indicators, critical operating windows, compliance).
  • Operational consulting on chemistry and wastewater treatment works (eg. biological sludge microscopic inspection, DAF air regulation, etc.).
  • On-site visit for troubleshooting, assessing needs for preventative maintenance or setting specific procedures. 

In order to continuously improve performance and operating savings, further analysis and  lab-testing can be proposed along with trials of new technologies. 

troubleshooting hydrex

Global water audit services

Taking a wider view than the wastewater treatment, our field service teams can perform a 360° assessment of the water cycle of a factory. After diagnosing the risks at technical, operational and managerial levels, they can identify opportunities for performance improvement and further savings on energy, chemical and water consumption. 


Global Water Audits by veolia water technologies picture