Ingredient Water Treatment & Water Management

Date/Hour: 22 July 2020 - 2pm GST (12pm CEST)

Water Reuse & Reclamation for Production & Non-Production Purposes

Veolia understands the specific needs of the Food & Beverage market and helps its clients reach their goals by providing innovative water treatment solutions in line with the highest quality standards and sustainability targets.

With our holistic expertise in the different sectors of the Food & Beverage market, we are committed to excel in the three essential pillars for water treatment solutions:

  • Ingredient Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Reuse and Reclamation 

This initiative is directed to professionals, like you, by supporting you in the pursuit of expanding your knowledge in the advancements and best practices related to water and wastewater treatment. 
Engage  in-depth conversations with Veolia’s leading water and wastewater experts in our three-part webinar sessions, including case studies from the different Food & Beverage sectors.

Webinar presented in English

Presented by: Nergis Yapici

MarCom contact: Nergis Yapici