Synthexim Calais -France



  • Unpredictable (toxic) inlet composition
  • Fluctuating compositions
  • DRIRE regulations including BoD < 300 ppm for discharge to sea
  • Limited space to combine MPPE with 2 biorotors


Performance BOD: 2300 to < 300

MPPE removes:


  • Aromatics (50 ppm)
  • Chloroform/Dichloromethane (1300 ppm)
  • AOX (360 ppm)

Biorotors removes:


  • Remaining AOX
  • Remaining (non toxic) BOD/IOD

Delivery of MPPE unit with two biorotors with a capacity of 6 m3/h

Specialty Chemicals and Pharmaceutical raw material producer

  • Treatment of Waste- and Groundwater
  •  Operational since 2004

The MPPE process

MPPE stands for Macro Porous Polymer Extraction. Polymer beads contain a specific immobilized extraction liquid. Hydrocarbon contaminated water is passed through a column packed with MPPE particles. The hydrocarbons are extracted from the water at any designed efficiency up to 99.999%. The MPPE particles can simply be regenerated by heating with steam. The removed hydrocarbons are recovered as an almost 100% pure product. No other waste stream is created. No chemicals requires, no off gasses produced.