Veolia Water Technologies North America's Hydrex + RO Boiler pretreatment solution provides significant total cost savings to leading F&B player

| The client’s needs 

An international F&B player based in the US  
The company used soft water make up on their large boiler system and were interested in reducing their chemical treatment costs. The boiler produced steam at 150 PSI with an average steam output of 24.95 m3/h / flow rate and operated at 6.5 cycles of concentration for a blowdown rate of 15.42%.  The boiler water treatment program consisted of  oxygen scavenger, chemicals for internal treatment) and for steam line treatment.

| The Solution

After a full audit of the application and risk assessment, Veolia Water Technologies teams determined  that replacing the older pretreatment softener system with a new RO (Reverse Osmosis) and softener system would allow the boiler cycles to be increased from 6.5 to well over 80 cycles (1.25% blowdown) and could be accomplished with a positive payback.

| Results

Once the new RO pretreatment system was installed, make up water was reduced by  38,000 m3/year; blow down was reduced by 37,000 m3/year;  chemical usage was cut by 50%, and the whole project, including installation, had a  return on investment of 16 months.

Total Savings: The installation of an improved pretreatment system to complement the  existing program provided the client with a total cost savings of over $150,000  per year.