Coatings/Printing Ink/Resin production - USA



  • Waste water form Coating/Printing Ink/Resin Production like alkyds, acrylic and polyester resins
  • Frequent fouling of exisiting steamstripper from heat polymerization
  • Replace existing steamstripper 



MPPE removes:

  • Aromatics, BTEX 200,000 -> 20 ppb


MPPE Unit capacity 5m3/h (30g pm)

Process wastewater discharge to Louisville’s Metropolitan Sewer District is regulated under the Organic Chemical, Polymer, Synthetic Fiber (OSPSF) category standards of the U.S. EPA.

Vs. steamstripper:

  • Lower costs (50%)
  • Less space (1/3)
  • Higher capacity (4x)
  • Trouble free

Resin production waste water

  •  Akzo Nobel (Coatings)
  • TOTAL – Cook Resins (Houston)
  • DuPont (Printing Inks)
  • Operational since 1998

The MPPE process

MPPE stands for Macro Porous Polymer Extraction. Polymer beads contain a specific immobilized extraction liquid. Hydrocarbon contaminated water is passed through a column packed with MPPE particles. The hydrocarbons are extracted from the water at any designed efficiency up to 99.999%. The MPPE particles can simply be regenerated by heating with steam. The removed hydrocarbons are recovered as an almost 100% pure product. No other waste stream is created. No chemicals requires, no off gasses produced.