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Ensuring access to basic services, fair distribution of resources and conserving them for future generations are crucial challenges for our communities. Veolia works toward these goals every day by consistently monitoring our CSR initiatives and implementing sustainable solutions on behalf of our customers. Veolia’s CSR performance reflects this approach to continuous improvement throughout the world, which aims to meet the needs of all stakeholders both inside and outside the company. Our methodical approach to assessment and continuous improvement is backed by indicators measuring our performance in environmental issues, human resources, sustainable purchasing and access to basic services.

CSR 2015
Veolia designs and deploys solutions for water, waste and energy management in countries across the world.



Veolia develops deep roots in local communities through the services it provides and plays a direct part in people’s everyday lives. The company’s expertise and unique solutions improve access to basic services across a broad spectrum of countries and settings, meeting the needs of the public authorities that entrust it with their services.
The company provides efficient services that enhance regional appeal and competitiveness. The resulting social value is measured through societal reporting, the main indicators of which are explained in detail in the CSR Performance Digest.



2015 Annual and Sustainability Report
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Welcome to a world where everything is a resource

Since 2002, Veolia has used an Environmental Management System (EMS) with some 100 indicators to measure and monitor the impact of its activities on the environment and public health in complete transparency. Protecting the environment is a priority for Veolia, which strives to design and deploy solutions that optimize the use of various resources and conserve them for future generations.



Veolia is integrated and committed to fully assuming its responsibilities as a corporate citizen and an employer of choice for its employees in the regions where it operates. Veolia’s committed managers set the example in corporate social responsibility for stakeholders inside the company.
Since 2001, the company has developed a range of indicators used worldwide, which it calculates using a unique tool for collecting human resources data. As a result, Veolia has an accurate view of the realities it faces and operational practices in human resources.


In 2009, Veolia introduced performance indicators for sustainable purchasing, which cover the need to train buyers in sustainable development and ensure that suppliers take account of CSR-related issues. They provide a credible, reliable cornerstone of the company's sustainable purchasing policy.


Veolia is evaluated on its governance, human resources management, environmental performance, sustainable purchasing and societal performance, through which it qualifies for inclusion in specialized stock-market indexes