Veolia Water Technologies provides emergency technical assistance in hotel quarantined by COVID-19

At the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Veolia Water Technologies technical service team in the Canary Islands received an urgent request for assistance from one of their clients, an iconic hotel in Tenerife. The service request would have been totally ordinary, if it had not been because the hotel was confined following a first positive case of COVID 19 among its clients.

The hotel was put on strict lockdown on 24th February and 1,000 people, including guests and workers, were quarantined at the hotel. Apart from being confined in the resort, everything was running normally until the desalination plant that was providing drinking water to the hotel stopped working due to technical problems.

Veolia Water Technology Ibérica was quickly mobilized to assist its client, following all Veolia health and safety protocols as well as Spanish sanitary recommendations in a record time. 48 hours after the call for help, one of our technicians who had volunteered to provide assistance - resolved the situation and the supply of drinking water was guaranteed.