Mobile Water Services

Securing Water Production in Water Scarce World Middle East Focus

Date : Tuesday 2 November 

Time : 3:00 pm - GST

Webinar presented in English


The main challenges faced by the industry with respect to water are those of securing adequate supply for what is a water-intensive process and ensuring that contamination of water sources is addressed where it occurs. Where the water resource has diminished, a worsening of water quality has normally followed because there is less water to dilute pollutants. In addition, salt water increasingly intrudes into coastal aquifers. Climate change will almost certainly exacerbate these adverse impacts in the future, with more frequent and severe environmental issues on the water scarce Middle East countries .To circumvent any water related problems, companies are implementing water conservation strategies, examining water reclaim and reuse opportunities, re-engineering their water-using processes, and investigating alternative water sources.