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Ageing plants - How to improve security and reliability of treated water supply

Date / Hour: June 24th, 2020 - 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CEST

In heavy industries, operators are facing an increasing challenge from their ageing assets including water treatment plants. The HSE sites the potential degradation of plant and equipment due to age related mechanisms such as corrosion, erosion and fatigue as a key issue for industry. In addition to safety concerns ageing plants may also impact continuity of production. 

Water treatment facilities on site are affected by this issue. Water is a vital utility in many heavy industry processes and the demand for it is increasing with population and industry growth. Ageing plants are not always reliable or efficient and often emergency maintenance is required to avoid disruption to production which could result in costly downtime for operating sites.

This webinar will explore the issue and the potential ways to mitigate your risk by improving security and reliability of treated water supply with mobile and temporary water treatment services.

Webinar presented in English

Presented by: John Taylor - from Veolia Mobile Water Services.  
John has over 30 years experience in water treatment. He has operational experience as an installation and commissioning engineer across a number of industrial sectors as well as capital sales of large bespoke water treatment systems. For nearly a decade, John has been developing mobile water services in the UK for key customers to ensure continued production in an emergency or planned outages. 

MarCom contact:  Emily Brennan