Veolia Water Technologies launches PoIaris™ 2.0 for pharmaceutical WFI and pure stream

Veolia Water Technologies has launched the latest generation of Polaris™, its leading high-capacity water distillation and steam generation solutions, developed for the pharmaceutical industry. Using a range of standard options, the skid-mounted PoIaris™ 2.0 Multiple Effect Distiller (MED) and Polaris™ 2.0 Pure Steam Generator (PSG) systems have been engineered to reliably deliver the required volumes of water for injection (WFI) and pure steam in line with European, Japanese and US Pharmacopoeia standards.

The new Polaris™ 2.0 range includes an array of standard units with different capacities and a list of options to meet all customer requirements. The design and construction of the Polaris™  2.0 units comply with ASME Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) standards. In addition, for simple compliance with FDA CFR21 Part 11 and GAMP V, Polaris™  2.0 is equipped with a Siemens HMI Comfort Panel that includes new validated and certified software.

The PoIaris™  2.0 Multiple Effect Distiller units have capacities from 250 l/hr to 4,500 l/hr and have been designed to guarantee high-quality WFI. The units include between three and eight columns depending on the size to reduce utility consumption and the ‘falling film’ distillation process helps ensure high efficiency and a fast start-up. Furthermore, the PoIaris™  2.0 MED achieves blowdown levels of just 10%, meaning a small water footprint.

The Polaris™  2.0 Pure Steam Generators offer rapid-response steam supply and can produce between 300 kg/hr and 3,000 kg/hr of pure steam depending on the unit selected, and up to 4 barg for autoclave supply. It also features an integrated thermal degasser for the removal of non-condensable gases for compliance with EN285.

The Polaris™  2.0 range has been designed and built to allow easy maintenance throughout the system’s lifespan. This minimises downtime and reduces the costs and lost production for the customer. Veolia Water Technologies offers comprehensive programs of servicing and after-sales support including preventative and predictive maintenance.

Finally, the Polaris™  2.0 is compatible with Hubgrade, Veolia Water Technologies’ cloud-based remote monitoring and optimisation solution. Hubgrade provides customers with live operational information, alerts and advanced data analysis, as well as enabling faster issue resolution in collaboration with Veolia Water Technologies’ engineers.

In addition to this, the Polaris™  2.0 units are designed to reduce the consumption of industrial steam and cooling water making these new pieces of equipment more sustainable. On top of that, no chemical is used on these technology products.

Commenting on the launch of the new range, Luca Danesi, Chief Sales Officer Europe - Pharma Division at Veolia Water Technologies said: “Our Polaris distiller and steam generation units have long been the go-to solution for pharmaceutical businesses around the world. Polaris 2.0 is an evolution of this tried-and-trusted solution for WFI and pure steam generation with improved performance and efficiency.