TEISSEIRE, Crolles (38)

The Client

Crolles, France -- Teisseire is a French manufacturer and brand of f lavoured syrups. The company is owned by the British soft drinks manufacturer and distributor Britvic.

The Client’s Needs

Teisseire’s main manufacturing plant is located in Crolles, a peri-urban area near Grenoble, France.

Teisseire was having some difficulties in complying with the local wastewater discharge regulations. The Client was also looking for a solution that would valorize the eff luents by generating biogas for the needs of the plant (heat used in the process of manufacture of syrups).

Teisseire trusted Veolia to provide a solution that would treat the plant’s wastewater before discharge into the municipal network in accordance with the local wastewater regulations; and ensure, by transforming the pollution into energy, a lower operating footprint and reduced CO2 to protect resources.

The Solution

Veolia proposed to Teisseire the Biobed® EGSB (Expanded Granular Sludge Bed). Dedicated to the treatment of industrial effluents, Biobed® EGSB is a very efficient process because it allows the treatment of very high volume loads, with a great compactness while being an energy source f rom the biogas production.

The design of the installation took into account the wishes of the customer in terms of integration within the existing plant, preservation of green spaces, safety and operating conditions.


Not only the plant is compliant with the municipal discharge regulations but it also produces 10 times more energy than it consumes, allowing Teisseire to reduce its wastewater disposal cost and its energy footprint.

Key Figures

  • Type of contract: Design & Build
  • Start date: Mars 2014
  • Flow rate: 17,5 m³/h
  • COD load: 2,5 T/j
  • Biogas: 5,9 MWh/j


  • Compact process
  • Tailor-made integration
  • Very low energy consumption
  • No olfactory and sound nuisance
  • Important biogas production