Our partnership with sugar producer Südzucker

Veolia Water Technologies built an anaerobic pre-treatment plant in just five months for one of Europe's largest bioethanol producers, Südzucker. Our two 850m3 reactors clean up more than 90% of the pollutants retained in the water.


The Client

CropEnergies AG, a division of Südzucker AG, is producing Bioethanol for the energy sector at three production sites in Europe, one of them is located in Zeitz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Production started in 2005 with the aim to produce Bioethanol to be used as a fuel additive, and protein-rich animal feedstuff from wheat. In 2006, the plant was the largest bioethanol production plant in Europe, with a production capacity of 260,000 m3 biofuel per year.


Client's Needs

Following the extension of the bio-ethanol production plant, the initial wastewater plant was far too small, so they needed an extension of the anaerobic part urgently for further organic pollutant (COD) removal.

Our Solution

In 2006, Veolia Water Technologies provided a complete turnkey anaerobic pre-treatment plant as an extension of the existing aerobic plant (MBBR + activated sludge) plant in five months, including:

  • Mixing tank, 5,000 m³.
  • Two anaerobic Biobed™ reactors, each 850m3, which remove more than 90% of organic pollutants.
  • Building facility with dosing station, aerobic sludge dewatering by centrifuge, pumping stations

The designed anaerobic plant now provides sufficient capability for the production extension. The organic pollutants are removed, and the cleansed residues are used for the production of energy-rich biogas. The plant final effluent is discharged to river.


Treatment Diagram


The accelerated expansion of biofuels creates industrial requirements which demand responsiveness, flexibility and adaptation to changes and innovations in this sector.