Filtraflo™ TGV

Very high velocity filters for drinking water and process water production.




In the 90's, Veolia Water Technologies has developed a very rapid filter to enlarge its offer in opened and gravity filters, for drinking water production, particularly to match with the development of new big WTP around the world.
Filtraflo™ TGV development came from dual-layer filters (Filtraflo™ DC type) rapid filtration feedback, and has been optimized with only one media layer : sand media

Filtraflo™ TGV is actually the most advanced gravity filtration system and the most compact within the filtration Veolia Water Technologies offer :

  • technology one sand layer (sand high : 2 m, velocity with N filters : 15 m/h, with N-1 filters : 20 m/h)
  • technology dual layer sand / Anthracite
  • technology dual layer sand / GAC
  • technology dual layer sand / MnO2
  • technology three layer sand / MnO2 / GAC or Anthracite
  • Each filtration media type needs an appropriate backwashing mode management, with air + water sequences.


Veolia Water Technologies can deploy its Filtraflo TGV technology tailored to the following needs :

  • turbidity and suspended solids treatment
  • micropollutants treatment
  • manganese treatment…





graphic table FiltrafloTM TGV references