Webinars On Demand

Addressing Operational Performance And Capacity in Your Wastewater Treatment Plant

A webinar exclusively curated for operation and facility managers who are looking to expand or enhance their existing wastewater facilities with compact, modular and efficient technologies.



Planning For The Unexpected With Mobile Water Services

The unexpected happens: plant failures, changes in water quality, water scarcity and other incidents. 
Business can be at risk if the water treatment system fails.
Learn how you can minimize downtime and production losses, ensuring business continuity in all situations.  


Building Sustainable Cities in Asia With Smarter Water Management

Increasing water demand, erratic rainfall and prevalent wastewater pollution have aggravated water stress in a few cities in Asia. In this webinar, you will learn how to chart a sustainable course in your urban development plan. Industrialists may also find some of our water technologies useful in this webinar.


First Sidestream ANITA™ Mox Treatment Process Plant in Australia With Urban Utilities

Learn about how Urban Utilities has established the first sidestream ANITA™ Mox treatment process plant in Australia.



Water Treatment Design For CSSD to Meet AS/NZS 4187:2014 AMD 2:2019

Join our water expert, Cameron Clarke-Bates as he shares insights on how to design and improve water treatment solutions to meet AS4187, and further details relating to Water Quality Compliance for your CSSD applications.