Our Distributor Network


Discover our network of water sustainability partners a.k.a distributors who are ready to support your water treatment needs from equipment supply to after sales services which includes delivery of spare parts and consumables.


Territory: Bangladesh

Market: Power

Product: Terion /  Sirion / Rapide Strata

Distributed by: Cosmos Group

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +8802 48312024 / +8802 48319344

Website: http://cosmosgroup.com.bd/

Address: 69/1, New Circular Road, Malibag. Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh


Territory: Java, Bali, Sumatera (Batam Island excluded)

Market: Pharma / Cosmetics / Personal healthcare

Product: Orion / Ionpro-LX

Distributed by: PT Indocahaya Wira Nusantara (PT ICWN)

Territory: Sumatera / Jawa / Nusa Tengarra

Market: Power

Product: Actiflo/ Rapid Strata / Terion

Distributed by: PT. LNS Indonesia

Territory: Sumatera / Jawa

Market: CPI / Fertilizer / Mining

Product: Actiflo / Sirion / Hydrotech Filters

Distributed by: PT Petrolog Multi Usaha Mandiri


Territory: East Malaysia

Market: Cooling Tower / Swimming Pool

Product: Hydrotech Filters / Filtromax Disc

Distributed by: Oasis chemical SDN BHD

Territory: East Coast Malaysia (Kelantan, Terengganu & Pahang) / Pengerang & Pasir Gudang

Market: Oil & Gas / HPI-CPI (Cooling Tower)

Product: Hydrotech Filters / Filtromax Disc

Distributed by: Multi Trada Alam Sdn. Bhd.

Territory: Peninsular Malaysia

Market: Industries (Microelectronic & Food and Beverage excluded)

Product: Actiflo / Rapid Strata / Evaled / Hydrotech Filters

Distributed by: Spektra watertech SDN BHD

New Zealand

Territory: New Zealand

Market:  Healthcare

Product: Actiflo/ Sirion/ Rapid Strata/ Osiris/Thermapure

Distributed by: Liquid Dynamics

Territory: New Zealand

Market:  Municipal

Product: Actiflo/ Ecodisk / AnoxKaldnes MBBR

Distributed by: Mason Engineers (NZ) Ltd

Territory: New Zealand

Market:  Industrial; Food, Beverage

Product: Rapide Strata / Filtromax

Distributed by:  Wavelength Water Services Ltd.

Sri Lanka

Territory: Sri Lanka

Market: Hospitality / Municipal / Food and Beverage

Product: Ecodisk / Actiflo / MBBR / Opascep

Distributed by: Puritas (Private) Limited


Territory: Bangkok (100 KM) North/Northeast Thailand

Market: Food and Beverage / Pulp and Paper

Product: Rapide Strata / Sirion / Terion / Ecodisk

Distributed by: UPK Asia Engineering

Territory: Thailand

Market/ Application: Cooling towers SSF / Make-up water and Blowdown water treatment

Product: Hydrotech Filters / Filtromax

Distributed by: Innovek

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (+66)38 -026491-4 / (+66)38-026495
  • Website: http://www.innovek.co.th/

Territory: Thailand

Market: Government (Central/Local) and Public Sector / Aquaculture / Aquarium / Hotels / Resorts / Buildings

Product: Hydrotech Filters / Ecodisk

Distributed by: Min Sen Machinery Co. Ltd

Territory: Central, Eastern, Southern Thailand

Market: Pharmaceutical / Cosmetic
Product: Orion / Ionpro LX / Sensa

Distributed by: Thanyanon Trading Co.,Ltd.

  • Email: [email protected][email protected]
  • Phone: +66 (0)2 9156709, +66 (0)2 0844611
  • Mob. +66 (0)94 365 5656, +66 (0)87 601 4888
  • Website: www.thanyanon.com
  • Address: (Head Office): 49/521 Soi Nimitmai 34 Nimitmai Road Samwatawan-ok, Klongsamwa Bangkok 10510 Thailand

Territory: Central, Eastern, Northern Thailand

Market: Chemical Processing Industry
Product: Terion / Evaled / Filtromax/ Hydrotech Discfilter

Distributed by: Universal Process Chemicals and Equipment Services Co., Ltd. 

  • Email:   [email protected]
  • Phone: (+66) 33-031497
  • Mob. (+66) 6-3196-2469
  • Fax : (+66) 33-031498  
  • Website: www.u-processchem.com
  • Address: 377/146 Moo 2, Surasak, Sriracha, Chonburi 20110, Thailand



Territory: North Vietnam

Market/ Application: Centralized IPWW and High Flow IWWTP

Product: Actiflo / Hydrotech Filters

Distributed by: Thang Long Waste Engineering Co., Ltd (Wasen)

Territory: South Vietnam, 50km Ho Chi Minh City

Market/ Application: Effluent Tertiary Polishing (Food and Beverage excluded) / Complex Waste Water / Metal Surface Treatment

Product: Hydrotech Filters / Evaled

Distributed by: GR INDTECH CORP

Territory:  South Vietnam

Market: Pulp and Paper / Automotive / Mining

Product: Rapid Strata / Sirion / Hydrotech Filters

Distributed by: Wasol

Territory:  South Vietnam

Market: Food and Beverage

Product: MBBR Pack / Actiflo / Sirion

Distributed by: Petro Pro Oil Gas Trading Services Co. Ltd.

Territory: South Vietnam (Municipal) / Nationwide (Aquaculture)

Market: Municipal / Aquaculture

Product: MBBR Pack / Actiflo / Hydrotech Filters

Distributed by: Nhat Tinh Environment Technologies Solution Corporation

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (84-28) 3547 4656 / 0914549619
  • Website: http://wsc.com.vn/
  • Address: Floor 10, Kicotrans, 44-46-48 Bach Dang street, ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Territory: South Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh 50km cluster

Market/ Application: Demin / UPW for Pharmaceutical Laboratory / Microelectronics 

Product: Orion / Ionpro-LX / Terion / Rapide Strata

Distributed by: Song Viet technical Solution Co., Ltd


Market/ Application: Process Water in Food and Beverage & Pharma Industries

Product: Sirion / Nurion / Terion

Distributed by: Polyco Group