Operation & Maintenance Services

A Reliable Water Asset Management You Deserved

At Veolia Water Technologies, operating and maintaining critical utility needs for our customers is part of our core business.

Our operation teams build on our technical expertise and focused management systems to deliver consistent, guaranteed quality and reliability to clients in every industrial activity and municipal service.

    Veolia has a proven record of delivery innovative and reliable utility operating services utilizing individual contractual structures to meet specific needs and build long term partnership.

    Our business strategy is founded on the principles of partnership to deliver:

    • Reliable services to minimize production downtime
    • Excellence in health, safety and environmental management
    • Ethical and transparent business model
    • Benefit sharing models which reduce our clients costs
    • Waste minimization and by product recovery
    • Technical support and innovation
    • Funding and financing options for CAPEX investment

    We manage your water assets so that you can focus on your core business

    Highly trained and experienced teams which can be mobilized to assist you in
    troubleshooting, maintaining and / or operating your water treatment systems
    Our scope of Total Water Management services encompasses:

    • asset management
    • preventive and corrective maintenance
    • staff training
    • lab management