Veolia Water Technologies Unveils Wastewater Treatment Project with Leading Chemical Giant

Compact System Meets Indonesia's Regulations of 150ppm COD Levels.

Singapore, October 1 2014, Veolia Water Technologies today announces the company's first wastewater treatment project with one of South East Asia's largest chemical providers. Located in Indonesia, the project features Veolia's BAS™ biological wastewater treatment process, which combines AnoxKaldnes™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) and activated sludge technologies.

Widely used across industries and municipalities, the BAS™ treatment process delivers very high overall treatment efficiency even with extremely low concentrations of organics, nutrients, and suspended solids in effluents. The MBBR technology pre-treats the wastewater and shaves off peak loads while removing the majority of the chemical oxygen demand (COD) to create an optimal setting for the activated sludge process.

Aaron Seah, Regional Market Manager at Veolia, shared "Although Veolia has implemented wastewater treatment plants for the chemical processing industry (CPI) on several occasions, this is our first time working with this chemical leader in South East Asia. The CPI industry is often hard-pressed to meet the strict discharge limits imposed by local regulations, but with Veolia's wastewater solutions, discharge requirements this is not an issue anymore."

Efficient wastewater solutions are valued in Indonesia as government regulations require chemical companies to ensure safe wastewater discharge, specifying that COD emissions fall within 150 parts per million (ppm) and total suspended solids (TSS) below 100ppm. These measures have been enforced to prevent dangerous pollution that is potentially hazardous to the environment. A cut above the rest, Veolia's BAS™ solution effectively removes chemical oxygen demand (COD), and TSS, despite its small footprint.

In addition, Veolia's MBBR technology proved to be the most reliable in treating effluents highly loaded with ammonia while requiring relatively lower operating expenditures (OPEX) than other solutions available in the market.

"This first partnership was directly approved by the client's headquarters in Europe. It is a recognition of our capabilities in the chemical industry, and a great start to a long-term collaboration for both parties.", Seah explained. "Veolia is constantly pushing technical boundaries to offer superior water and wastewater solutions for our clients across markets, and we look forward to establishing more partnerships in the chemical industry."




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