Veolia Water Technologies to operate the Centralized Wastewater Treatment Plant at the JTC Surface Engineering Hub @ Tanjong Kling

Veolia Water Technologies has been awarded a contract by JTC Corporation to manage, maintain and operate the Centralized Wastewater Treatment Plant (CWTP) at the multi-tenanted JTC Surface Engineering Hub (SEH), located at Tanjong Kling, Singapore, for an initial period of 3 years.

The Surface Engineering Hub is developed by JTC Corporation (JTC), Singapore's lead government agency pioneering the development of innovative industrial facilities, to support and catalyse the growth and transformation of industries in Singapore. JTC's SEH concept was aimed at allowing tenants to enjoy operational cost savings in the treatment of wastewater, as well as quick start-up and lower upfront capital investments.

The wastewater treatment plant treats wastewater containing toxic substances such as heavy metals, cyanide and chromium discharged by surface finishing companies located at the SEH, which typically carry out electroplating, anodizing, and electro-polishing activities.

Wastewater is segregated into three main streams - one each forgeneral heavy metals, cyanide and chromium- before being centrally treated at the CWTP, where contaminants are removed. This enables the wastewater to meet thestandard permissible requirements before it is discharged to thepublic sewers.

To ensure that the CWTP continues to meet the needs of users, JTC has also incorporated feedback from Veolia on its proposed plant design and worked closely with the company on the installation of equipment at the facility.

On winning this contract, Duncan Briggs, Commercial Director for Veolia's Operations Business commented: "Veolia is pleased that the award of JTC's CWTP contract has given us an exciting opportunity to provide the necessary support for a unique consolidation of surface engineering companies at the SEH. We look forward to working with JTC and the tenants at the SEH to make this facility a success".




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