Veolia Water Technologies Gains Credibility with Global Eye Care Leader

Veolia Water Technologies (SEA) Pte. Ltd. is proud to announce two consecutive projects with one of the world's leading vision care product manufacturers for the development and enhancement of its year-old manufacturing facility located in Tuas Biomedical Park II, Singapore. The first project was recently completed in March 2015, and saw Veolia responsible for designing, building, and commissioning a customized Water Generation Package for the eye care solutions provider. For the second project, Veolia is integrating its proprietary solution, Evaled™ evaporators, to the client's existing wastewater treatment plant, and expects completion to be in July 2015.

Chiang Heng Kheng, Business Development Director, Veolia Water Technologies, shared, "Veolia is very pleased to be engaged for two successive projects with one of the largest manufacturers of vision care products in the world, and we believe this is a testament to Veolia's experience in the water and wastewater industry. The first project featured Veolia's Orion™ 4000 technology to provide the client with purified water for their production operations. For the second project, Veolia will make modifications to the facility's existing wastewater treatment plant, to incorporate the Evaled™ technology. Both solutions were implemented after careful considerations to support our client in continuously meeting standards for purified water and discharged wastewater regulations."

"Veolia's first implementation of the Orion solution included a softener brine regeneration that has led to higher levels of total dissolved solids (TDS) for the facility," Chiang stated. "Our client is committed to achieving environmental sustainability, and was keen to reduce the plant's TDS levels before public discharge, to comply with external regulations. Subsequently, to address wastewater handling challenges, we carefully considered the company's needs and recommended the Evaled™ system as the most suitable solution."

Instead of receiving conventional effluent treatment before discharging to public sewer systems, the wastewater generated will divert to the Evaled™ unit for evaporation treatment. Upon evaporation, the distillate will then enter the neutralization tank to continue the wastewater treatment process and the concentrate is collected for off-site disposal.

Chiang concluded, "Our first partnership with this eye care client wrapped up successfully, and along the way, we have developed a strong working relationship with its team. Both projects showcase Veolia's expertise in providing high quality cost-effective solutions that can fully support companies from pre-treatment to post-production stages. Veolia is privileged to have the opportunity to work with one of the world's leading manufacturer of eye care products in Singapore, and look forward to building more positive relationships with companies within the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and healthcare industries in the near future."



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