Tun Razak Exchange - The First Water Recycling Plant In Malaysia

The Client’s Needs

TRX is committed to reach targets such as 40% reduction in carbon emissions (in line with the country’s KL 2020 objective), 70% waste diverted from landfill and 50% reduction in total fresh water demand compared to conventional development. 

Minimizing water consumption was a key sustainability driver for TRX, along with efforts to better wastewater treatment practices. TRX City decided that all buildings would utilise water-efficient fittings to further reduce demands and that all non potable water would be supplied with recycled water produced on-site via an advanced wastewater treatment.

Veolia Solution

To reach the required targets, we combined 5 key technologies from our portfolio of advanced water solutions including Multiflo, Anox Kaldnes MBBR and Hydrotech Discfilters, with a reduced chemical consumption and the lowest possible specific energy consumption (kWh/m3 of production) to minimize carbon footprint. 
The plant will be operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The treated water is delivered in a smart network eliminating leakage and targeting better than 98% network efficiency.



  • A reduction of over 50% in total potable water demand compared to a typical development.
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”) Gold Certification for the “Neighbourhood Development Plan” category certified by the United States of America Green Building Council (“LEED Certification”)
  • First township level Green Building Index (“GBI”) Platinum Certification in Malaysia by the Malaysia Green Building Index Accreditation Panel (“GBI Certification”).
  • TRX is the first fully integrated commercial reclaim water project in South East Asia and a global reference for sustainable development.

The Client

Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) District is a new world-class international finance and trading hub located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.