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Power industry 

The customer is a leader in the power industry who focuses on creating next-generation power technologies as well as improving the power networks of today. Their innovative solutions aim to make power more affordable, reliable, accessible and sustainable. 


In November 2019 Veolia Water Technologies was hired by the customer to operate the reverse osmosis units of the thermoelectric plant for a five month period, using Hubgrade (formerly known as Aquavista).

The full benefit of Hubgrade emerged when the customer’s plant required more water as one of the reverse osmosis units was down for maintenance. Due to COVID-19 international travel was impossible and so a specialist could not make it to site. However, Hubgrade Assist held the solution. 



To successfully carry out the maintenance, reparameterization and commissioning of the system, it was possible to remotely contact the three interested parties: the Veolia Water Technologies’ expert in Germany, Veolia’s team in Brazil and the end customer through the use of augmented reality; a feature of Hubgrade Assist. 

Hubgrade Assist provided real-time access to Veolia experts so the customer could overcome this operational issue with reliable remote assistance. 


  • Service carried out on time and without risk 
  • Reduction in the cost of carrying out the service by up to 60% 
  • Time gained and cost reduction


  • Agility 
  • Efficacy 
  • Cost benefits