Optimized Cooling Water Treatment For The Largest Asia Pacific Convention & Exhibition Center

The Client’s Needs

This customer has 9,000 refrigeration tonnages that have been operating for more than 15 years. High algae growth has been experienced.

Thus, the customer needs better solutions aiming at:

  • reducing micro biological fouling, stop algae growth
  • ensuring system performance at optimum
  • handling erratic recycled make-up water

Veolia Solution

  • Based on the objectives stated by the customer, Veolia has offered Hydrex 7310 to solve the current major problem: high algae growth.
  • Hydrex 7310 is a broad spectrum liquid microbiocide. It can be used in various water treatment applications, including open and closed recirculation cooling systems, paper mills, air washers and non-potable water storage.

HYDREX 7310 Key Benefits

  • Broad spectrum activity against algae, fungi and bacteria, including Legionella Pneumophila and sulphate.
  • Great efficiency against biofilms and over a wide range of pH, temperature and water hardness.
  • Compatibility with low levels of free chlorine or bromine as well as corrosion and scale inhibitors.
  • Compatibility with non-ionic, cationic and anionic chemicals.
  • Possible usage to disinfect certain ion exchange resins.
  • Low toxicity and readily biodegradable when diluted.
  • Non-foaming, not surface active.
  • Low contribution to the AOX (Absorbable Organic Halogens) level in a typical industrial effluent.
  • Cost efficiency.

The Client

Officially opened in 1995, the convention center is the largest Asia Pacific convention and exhibition center.
It is also the largest shopping mall in Singapore.
Situated in the Central Business District, the convention center consists of 5,200 hotels rooms, 1,000 retails stores and 300 restaurants.