Custom-made DI water & wastewater treatment

The Client

In January 2008, Webel SL Energy Systems Ltd awarded Veolia Water Solutions & Technlogies (Veolia) for two projects in India where it operates a Solar Cell Factory.

Webel-SL Energy Systems Ltd is a manufacturer of solar photovoltaic cells and modules, using mono-crystalline silicon wafers, for standalone and gridconnected projects.

The solar cells are being produced at the Company's integrated production facility in Kolkata, India with automated processes and a captive technology.
Webel-SL Energy Systems Ltd is one of the fastest growing companies within the photovoltaic industry in India with a 30% annual growth rate and a 10 MW manufacturing facility for cells and modules

The Client’s Needs

Veolia has been chosen to supply a deionization water treatment system and a Wastewater Treatment plant with a capacity of 10m3/hr Acid Waste Neutralization, 10m3/hr HFWT and Sludge dewatering.


Veolia Solution

Veolia offered custom-made water treatment solution to enhance the cost effectiveness of the plant and ensure the high quality of the treatment:

  • Unique pretreatment to protect RO: Ion exchange pretreatment followed by CEDI
  • Off-site resin regeneration
  • Use of Veolia standard equipment (MMF, ACF, CEDI)
  • Neutralization (32m3/hr) & slurry treatment (16m3/hr)

Key Benefits

  • Higher DI water quality for solar cells manufacturing through pre-treatment system. make-up system . polishing system
  • The wastewater treatment plant is designed to treat various wastewater streams discharged from the Solar Cell Productions, so as the discharge the wastewater into Public Sewer
  • Achieved balanced concentration of waste and optimization of the treatment process