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How did we help undo environmental damage such as purifying untreated water from an abandoned open-pit mine in Canada? Let’s listen to this episode.
Are you a local community looking for a compact solution which guarantees a 100% biological treatment of your wastewater? Discover the Ecodisk technology.
Anticipate the key water issues of your metallurgical projects to ensure competitiveness and optimize the management of your resources.
Do you want to reduce your running and effluent costs by 40%? Choose Rapide Strata™, a high-purity ion exchange system.
During the COVID-19 outbreak, Augmented Reality has proven to be a valuable asset ensuring operational resilience and reducing operational costs.
Our CEO Vincent Caillaud was a guest on The Water Show at IFAT 2022 where he talked about water reuse and how the trends he sees in the market are making him optimistic. Watch the video!
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