Everyday is World Water Day for our Resourcers!

From Australia to Brazil, Italy to the USA, our Resourcers share how they act to solve the water and sanitation crisis every single day.

This World Water Day is about accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis.

Every year, on March 22, World Water Day is held to celebrate water and raise awareness about the safe water crisis that is occurring in the lives of two billion people. This year, the theme is “Accelerating Change to solve the water and sanitation crisis” which greatly aligns with our purpose at Veolia Water Technologies.

Sadly, in 2023, the world is not even close to meeting the targets set by the United Nations as part of the Sustainable Development Goal 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all by 2030. Rapid population growth, increasing water needs for industrial activities and urbanization have led to an extreme rise in the demand for water. This in turn has generated more wastewater which must be treated before being safely returned to the environment or reused.

As the global champion of ecological transformation, we are committed to meeting the water challenges of our time. 

On World Water Day, as on every other day, we act to solve the water and sanitation crisis. We are committed to adapting, improving and prioritizing sustainable patterns of water consumption, treating water pollution and ensuring water reuse to protect this vital resource.


Meet some of our Resourcers and find out how they work with collectivities and industrial players to accelerate change and solve the water and sanitation crisis.

Meet Karen, our Client Manager based in Australia.

She helps improve drinking water security for the city of Sydney. 

Meet Rodrigo, our Business Development Manager based in Brazil.

He helps fight water scarcity by ensuring our customers use water resources wisely.

Meet Amélie, our Carbon Footprint Coordinator based in France.

She helps measure, calculate and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide from our desalination activities.

Meet Giuseppe, our Technical Officer based in Italy.

He helps improve water quality by treating wastewater before safely releasing it back into the environment.

Meet Pia, our Senior Process Engineer based in the USA.

She works to safeguard human health and to protect the environment.

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