POLARIS, packaged distillation equipment.

POLARIS is Veolia's family of distillation products for the production of water for injection and highly purified water.


Multi Effect Distiller - Efficient and effective WFI solutions

POLARIS MED multiple effect stills with energy efficient falling film technology.


Key Features

Quantity and quality for water:

  • Standard units are available from 50 - 15.000 l/hr.
  • Column geometry, design and efficient droplet separation gives the MED excellent decontamination performance.
  • Labyrinth baffles reduce steam velocity and optimize droplet separation.
  • Evaporator columns are dry running, avoiding the risk of bacterial contamination associated with static water.
  • High running pressures and ease of balancing offers excellent steam and water quality, with low industrial steam and cooling water consumption.


Opex - Cost of ownership:

  • High efficiency, dry running, falling film evaporator columns.
  • 3-8 columns.
  • 10% blowdown offers a small water footprint.
  • Tall heat exchangers to optimize heat transfer performance.
  • Super fast start-up, minimizing water losses.
  • Hot standby not required, saving energy, but maintaining fast start-up times.


Flexibility and Choice:

  • Combi units - producing steam and water from the same unit.
  • Uplift frames & raised cooler / condenser sub assemblies.
  • Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC, with large touchscreen panel, complete with SCADA option.