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Te Rapa Anchor Milk Factory – New Zealand

Water Demineralisation Plant & Cogeneration facility

Project Background

Te Rapa
Water Demineralisation Plant - Cogeneration facility

Hamilton, New Zealand – Te Rapa is a cogeneration facility providing high quality steam and electricity to the Anchor products Te Rapa factory, the world’s largest milk powder drying plant and to the local area in Hamilton.

Project & Technology Solutions

Plant Specifications and Process:
  • Two Trains of Demineralisers – each producing 33m3/hour of demin water. Each train consists of a split flow counter-current regenerated Cation unit, counter-current regenerated packed bed Anion unit, and Hipol unit. Water exiting the Hipolunit is of extremely high quality, and the water polishing process is reliable and efficient.
  • One Common regeneration set serving both trains of demineralisers. The regeneration process is fully automatic and is able to run depending on selected water quality, throughput, time and manual initiation.
  • The cation resin is regenerated with dilute sulphuric acid, the anion resin beads with caustic soda. Regeneration of the resins in the cation and anion units are carried out under automatic control. The process takes about 110 minutes.
  • One Sodium Metabisulphite dosing system-the sodium metabisulphite dosing system reduces the levels of chlorine in the feedwater.
  • The water treatment plant includes all the necessary equipment for safe and efficient operation, control, monitoring and protection of the plant.
  • Control of the plant is via a PLC system, with local process control and monitoring accomplished by a SCADA system. Remote operation and monitoring of the Demin. Water Plant from the main control room is also possible. 

Process Description

Te Rapa Process description