Supporting Personal Care Product Manufacturers in their wastewater treatment challenges

In today’s Personal Care Products (PCPs) facilities, an effective wastewater treatment is essential. Here are some points for consideration.

The production of shampoos, perfumes or skin moisturizers uses water and a variety of compounds inevitably find their way into plants’ effluent streams in varying concentrations.

Although the human health effects of many of these compounds can often be seen as positive, their environmental impacts to various wildlife and the broader impacts from widespread environmental exposure are uncertain. 

For PCP manufacturers, implementing a wastewater treatment process that meets legal requirements is the main challenge. But increasingly it is also the key to the sustainable development of the business as well as for cost control.  The first step in meeting these challenges is knowledge:
  • What is in the wastewater?
  • What options exist for treating pollutants?
  • What are the pros and cons of different techniques?
  • What are the typical treatment lines?
Veolia Water Technologies has over 160 years’ experience in water treatment and hundreds of wastewater and reuse references. This has been captured in a special PCP Wastewater Treatment Guide that is available for download free of charge.

Click here to download this free PCP Wastewater Guide today.