The conveyance of screenings, dewatered/dried sludge and solids is a complicated problem in the WWT Plants and garbage treatment plants.

To convey in an hygienic way wet/slushy, semi-fluid and sticky, tangled and plug forming, irregular, arch-forming and polluting materials, IDRACONV™ is always the right solution in applications where traditional and redler conveyors often failed.

IDRACONV™ is a conveyor equipped with a shaftless rotary spiral in sturdy, flexible steel suitable to convey big size, tangled materials.

No intermediate supports causing obstructions and early wear in presence of sand.

Consequently the conveyance capacity is higher compared to traditional conveyors (up to 150% more),the rotation speed lower and smaller wear.

The spiral is made in big thickness special steel and is supported in remote bearings only at the drive end, and this can be either a "pushing" or "pulling" arrangement.

The "pushing arrangement" avoids any problem at the discharge position and allows the material to be conveyed directly into the side entry of a second conveyor with different direction or inclination.

This allows very compact and less space requiring installations.

The conveyor is completely closed by covers for hygienic reasons and to protect the material from external conditions such as rain, etc.



Idraconv™ is especially suitable for conveyance of:

  • Screenings
  • Garbage
  • Biological and industrial sludge
  • Fruit/vegetables waste
  • Residuals of Sugar beets washing and sugar pulp in sugar mills
  • Fish waste and flour
  • Soft drinks production labels and other residuals from bottle washing
  • Meat processing waste