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ANITA™ Shunt

ANITATM Shunt is an innovative technology to eliminate ammonia in highly-loaded effluents while meeting environmental objectives in terms of carbon footprint reduction.
Aerobic Wastewater Treatment


Azenit™ is an optimized wastewater treatment process by activated sludge for nitrogen and/or phosphorus removal.
Aerobic Wastewater Treatment


Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) technology was introduced by Veolia over two decades ago, and has been continually developed to include units to treat both municipal and industrial wastewater from 30 population equivalent (PE) upwards.
Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

BioSAF™ Package Plants

A complete integral treatment process, supplied in GRP cylindrical tank available in a variety of sizes to treat a population equivalent (PE) of between 30 and 250.
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BioSAF™ Custom Build Units

The units are designed and built to address specific site requirements and generally suitable for applications with a 1000 population equivalent (PE) upwards.
Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

BioSAF™ Modular Units

A unit supplied in a rectangular coated or stainless steel tank, designed to be used as part of a separate unit process configuration, suitable for treating population equivalent (PE) up to 800 or in multiples up to 3000 PE.
Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

Kaldnes™ RAS

Serving the Aquaculture Industry
Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

Oxydation Ditch Technologies A/O™ - A2/O - AN/O

Kruger, subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies, is a leading supplier of Oxidation Ditch technologies and offers some of the most advanced treatment processes on the market today.
Aerobic Wastewater Treatment