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Package Exelys™

Innovative plug & play sludge treatment solution

Following the successful commercialisation of the Exelys™ Thermal Hydrolysis process, Veolia has developed a standard series of package plants.


Package Exelys™ is a skid mounted plug and play solution. The system is tested in the workshop and delivered to site as a complete solution in order to reduce the installation time on site.

The process is the same as in a classic ExelysTM:  an innovative method for pre-treatment of sludge upstream of anaerobic digestion. The combination of ExelysTM and anaerobic digestion offers considerably better performance than conventional digestion and optimizes sludge treatment by producing:

  • 25 to 35% less dry solids
  • 30 to 50% more biogas
  • No odours
  • A pasteurised digestate, for control over the sanitation hazards and safe agricultural reuse


Exelys™ and Package Exelys™ handle all kinds of organic, industrial or municipal, sludge and can also handle grease

Operating Principle of Exelys and Package Exelys™
It operates under controlled temperature (approximately 165°C), pressure (6-8 bars) and duration time (approximately 30 minutes) conditions. The system is controlled by a PLC that modulates the steam flow rate in line with the amount of sludge processed and the temperature set-pont.


Key Benefits

  • Reduces Sludge Volumes
  • Improves Sludge Quality
  • Increases Biogas
  • Equipment installed and tested off site
  • Plug & Play: minimum installation time on site
  • Range for small to medium Anaerobic Digestion plants: capacity between 4,000 tds/year to 10,000 tds/year
  • Retains all the continuous TH advantages in a skid mounted installation


Process Description



Package Exelys™ Datasheet (398.48 KB)


Exelys™ is an innovative and complete sludge reduction solution that works in continuous mode, combining thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion.

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