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Extensive experience in clarification/settling

Since development in 1969 by Veolia Water Technologies, the Multiflo™ process and its applications have been continuously improved.


With more than 500 plants equipped with Multiflo™ worldwide, providing first hand operational feedback, Veolia Water Technologies offers efficient, broad applications knowledge to improve and optimize the process to meet customers needs.

Through its various options, the Multiflo™ SERIES (Mono, Mono Plus, Duo, Trio) covers a range of applications, thus allowing integration into many treatment lines to produce a highly concentrated and thickened sludge.

  • The Multiflo™ SERIES is ideal for small to large-sized plants and can treat any kind of water characteristics and pollutant loads.
  • Multiflo™ is an efficient process for removing total suspended solids (TSS), color, algae and heavy metal co-precipitates for drinking water production.
  • Multiflo™ is suitable for treating water with an average to high turbidity level (10 - 4000 mg/l TSS) and produces water with a turbidity of less than 3 NTU, depending on the raw water characteristics.
  • Multiflo™ Softening (e.g. Durban - WWTP project), the Multiflo™ clarifier can be used as a softening process, with the adding of lime or soda chemicals. This process is able to produce high concentration sludge, in the range of 60 to 100 g/l.
  • Multiflo™ Carb (e.g. L'Haye-les-Roses, DTWP project), with the use of PAC (Powdered Activated Carbon), Multiflo™ Carb is a polishing process capable to remove pesticides, organic matters and new emerging pollutants.
  • Multiflo™ can also be installed as primary, secondary or tertiary treatment of wastewater and storm water for partial, normal or advanced removal of suspended solids, as well as carbonaceous pollutants and phosphorous.


Advantages :

  • Compact
  • Reliable
  • Simple construction
  • Easy to operate

Designed to optimize the efficiency of the Multiflo™ Duo and Trio systems, Turbomix™ ensures optimum utilization of all chemicals and a smaller flocculation tank footprint.


Features :

  • High level of homogenization low retention time
  • Removal of by-pass and dead zones to achieve classical flocculation efficiencies in a smaller tank
  • Complete mixing of the influent water with the chemicals and the recirculated sludge
  • Increased pumping efficiency for a given power consumption
  • Reduced polymer consumption
  • Easy Control and maintenance of the reagent injection system


MULTIFLO™ Brochure (3.2 MB)

Multiflo™ Series

Efficient Treatment adapted to meet your needs, the Multiflo™ SERIES offers several treatment solutions depending on the required objectives and the inlet water quality.
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