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Fixed Leaf High-Volume Retractable Filter

Veolia’s Filtra-Matic™ is a robust filtration technology that uses fixed leaves featuring a central drainage element and a fine outer mesh of wire cloth

This fixed-leaf design combined with a filter medium such as diatomaceous earth produces high-quality effluents that often need no further treatment. This versatile, pressure-leaf filter can be configured in either retracting tank shell or retracting bundle designs that ensure easy maintenance and leaf replacement even in the toughest, most challenging dry-cake discharge applications.



  • Flexibility: Available options range from 100 to 3,000 ft2 of surface area in two designs: retracting tank shell (i.e. stationary leaves) and retracting leaf bundle.
  • Custom-engineered internal components distribute the flow and filter medium uniformly over the leaves.
  • Automatic wet sluice cleaning with oscillating headers and spray nozzles that scrub and quickly flush the cake away from leaf surfaces thanks to the action of a powerful water jet.
  • Gas or steam injection capabilities for rapid cake drying and discharge.
  • Quick opening system for fast access to vessel interior.
  • Heavy-duty filter leaves constructed to provide maximum strength and lasting efficiency.



  • Cost-effective filtration of large flows within a single filter vessel.
  • Exceptional filtrate quality trapping even microscopic particulate matter.
  • Flexible cleaning by spraying, vibrating, or manually replacing interchangeable leaves.
  • Easy access for inspection, installation and maintenance of internal leaves.
  • Lower capital and operating costs compared to membranes systems likely to foul and fail.



  • FiltraMatic is particularly suited to filtration needs involving very large volumes of liquid and heavy, bulky cakes that can be more easily removed with a dry cake discharge operation.
  • FiltraMatic is used in diverse industrial process and wastewater applications for the removal of particles larger than 0.5 micron from streams with up to 150 mg/l of solids.
  • FiltraMatic has been successfully operating in many segments of the food and beverage industry such as beer, sugar, gelatin, sweeteners and edible oil production.
  • It is also widely used in the mining industry for the recovery of precious metals in the Merrill-Crowe process.

Operation - Two Powerful Designs

FiltraMatic Model RT consists of a leaf bundle that remains stationary while the filter shell is retractable exposing the entire leaf bundle. This retraction of the shell provides ease of inspection and maintenance of the filtration surfaces while surrounding process piping connections remain intact. Available in cylindrical or conical tank configurations, this design minimizes cake drop-off during the opening step of dry cake discharge systems.

FiltraMatic Model RB features a retracting leaf bundle design that offers convenient access to filter leaves for quick cleaning and inspection. Configured as a cylindrical, conical, double-conical or trough tank, FiltraMatic RB also delivers the same operational benefits than model RT based on unmatched flow distribution and smooth sluicing performance.


Filtra-Matic™ Brochure (167.67 KB)