A wide range of customer-focused services for optimized water and wastewater management.
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Veolia Water Technologies provides a complete range of service solutions covering all water treatment applications. A sustainable water supply, the treatment of drinking water and the transformation of wastewater into a resource are issues taking center stage for many industries and public authorities today. In order to meet these challenges, Veolia Water Technologies is an essential partner for water technologies – with a range of high-end services designed to meet your exact requirements.



Global water expertise at your service


We offer customer care at its best, not only through operation and maintenance contracts, but also through field services, troubleshooting, water studies and evaluations, permitting, mobile water solutions and supply of spares, consumables, aftermarket sales and water treatment chemicals.

From audit to maintenance, we customize each solution to suit your requirements, maximize efficiency and provide sustainable performance of your water treatment installations.

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Peace of mind

The last thing you need is for your water treatment system to break down just when you need it. That’s why when it really matters, we are here to support you with our full-time in-house engineers, dedicated support staff and technical assistance.

Sustainable optimization

Optimizing the amount of water consumed by an industry or a municipality is a great way to improve the environmental impact of facilities and one of the main sustainable development tools to address the increasing scarcity of the resource.


A truly local after-sales service

Our approach is to think globally but act locally. Our group of global technology-expert business units develop and manage the technologies required to design and optimize water treatment systems and plants. We then rely on our network of local business units to deliver these technologies, carry out projects and ensure a high-quality proximity service. This organization allows us to react quickly and to ensure that we deliver projects and services that are adapted to the local reality, while benefiting from the best technologies and capitalizing on the return of experience of similar installations all around the world. 

From plant maintenance and mobile water services to water-saving tools, training and support, our experienced team is always available to assist you. 

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Find out more about the services we offer

Comprehensive analysis of your water cycle to uncover potential savings and operational improvements
We provide a wide range of services to existing facilities including technical support, pre-planned preventive maintenance, spare parts, etc.
A combination of digital tools and Veolia expertise that make all your water processes smarter, safer and more sustainable.
Veolia’s offering of rental assets—to support and assist your site operations—for temporary and longer-term water treatment needs 24/7.
Providing water hygiene and HYDREXⓇ chemical solutions serving the performance of utility and water treatment equipment.

Why choose Veolia Water Technologies?

We work closely with our customers to identify and help prevent potential risks to your organization by offering a service bundle tailored to your needs. We make sure your water systems are maintained, production demands are always met and water and energy savings are continually optimized.

The services we provide deliver peace of mind by:

  •     Maximizing capacity, availability and system uptime.
  •     Providing assurance that water quality continually meets specifications.
  •     Supporting compliance with safety standards and regulations.
  •     Optimizing operating costs and environmental efficiency.
  •     Extending the life of your system.
  •     Delivering rapid support in case of emergency breakdowns.
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A trusting relationship with our customers

Veolia Water Technologies UK has been working with Total Bitumen, providing water treatment, chemicals, testing services and associated reports ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. The outstanding service delivered has been recognized by Total Bitumen. 

Since the tender was awarded, the service that we have received from Veolia Water Technologies has been very efficient and we are very happy with it. [...] Our expectations of Veolia Water Technologies were exactly what we thought they would be: good service, excellent employee who comes onsite every week [...] I would definitely recommend Veolia Water Technologies as they have basically done what they said they would do.
Karen Cody
Purchaser, Total UK

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Connected services, strong customer support

We understand that your business is unique – you have specific needs when managing water treatment. Our wide range of connected services can support you with all of your water-related challenges. 

We offer a wide range of services, a full-time in-house engineers team, dedicated support staff and an experienced technical support team. We have also combined the expertise of Veolia employees with digital power (Hubgrade) to process data and provide you with a continuously supply of optimized solutions adapted to your priorities.

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Our expert services include:

Hubgrade digital services

Hubgrade is a combination of digital service tools and expertise to remotely monitor, evaluate and optimize the management of water, waste and energy resources.

Mobile water services

We are a leading provider of rental water treatment services for industry, meeting all temporary and emergency requirements. Our service allows you to have a reliable and secure source of treated water 24/7, 365 days per year. 

Water treatment chemicals

We provide a full range of process chemical, water hygiene and bulk chemical solutions. With our proven Hydrex® offer, we apply our expertise to optimize the operation of your water treatment system.

Refurbishment and reengineering of installations

Refurbishing your existing water treatment plant is an effective way to improve plant performance and extend the lifetime of your system, without large capital expenditure.

Service deionization (SDI)

High-end ion exchange resins regeneration and water deionization services providing maximum recyclability and sustainability.

Global water audits

Through a comprehensive evaluation of your facility's water cycle, we help you identify how you use water, its cost and the potential water-related risks which may impact your operations and we build the action plan you need.

Spare parts and consumables

Replacement equipment and spare parts are critical to implementing and maintaining water and wastewater treatment systems. We store a wide variety of equipment, instrumentation, spare parts and consumables and deliver them to your doorstep through our robust supply chain.

Planned service and preventive maintenance

The renowned Veolia after-sales service includes operational assistance as well as preventive and corrective maintenance of your entire installation.